• June 24, 2024

They Just Introduced Biden’s Monkeypox Boss And Oh Boy….

Joe Biden’s Handlers put quite a “character” in charge of the Monkey Pox dilemma. His name is Demetre Daskalakis, and by the pictures of him, it looks like he’s quite the fan of Sadomasochism or “S&M.” I wonder, can Biden’s people ever get someone who’s not a radical LGBTQ’er? It seems like they can’t, or they refuse to do it.

Look at our Health secretary; there is no “health” to be found in that confused person. And the Handlers have a non-binary drag queen and LGBTQ radical activist working at the Department of Energy in a high-ranking position. And don’t forget the TikTok guy Jen Psaki invited to play “assistant” inside the White House.

Here are all photos below:

And now, this man is heading up the Monkey Pox.

Is it any wonder why nobody is taking us seriously?

Here is Demitri speaking in the WH briefing room about Monkey Pox, and thankfully he has all of his clothes on.

WH monkeypox coordinator Demetre Daskalakis: We’re “signaling to people in the gay/ bisexual/other-men-who-have sex-w/-men communities, & also transgender people who have sex w/ men, that it’s really important to have the awareness that it’s circulating.”

They think people like me and you are on the “fringe,” and these people here are normal and relatable to everyone.
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