• May 21, 2024

REAL Aerial Photo’s Of Trump’s Crowd At Inauguration Surface Proving The Media LIED, Again

We’ve all seen the overshared  meme showing a sparsely attended Inauguration portrayed by the left.

But one man breaks down these photographs in HIGH DEF to prove that Trump’s Inauguration just may well have been the most watched in history.

You’re going to want to see this:

VIA| There has been an enormous, brutal argument between the media and the administration about the size of Donald Trump’s Inauguration crowd. The administration has pushed back on media reports that it was sparsely attended. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer leveled a full-throated attack against the press for reporting on the attendance, calling Trump’s Inauguration the “most-watched” in history.

This image went viral, comparing the attendance of both Inaugurals. It has since been proven misleading, at best.


While the public may never know the true numbers, CNN has since released the most high quality image of the Inauguration to date. It is an enormous photo of the event taken from the press riser called a Gigapixel. One can zoom in on the photo with incredible detail. Look at how I can find George W. Bush, somehow staring directly into the camera in his poncho:

…and zoom in on Hillary’s face this close.

But since it was the back of the audience that was in question, let’s go there:




The above photo is all the way back to two blocks away from the base of the Washington Monument. That is a distance of approximately 1 mile.

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