• November 29, 2023

Was Kamala Harris Just Carried Away In An Emergency?

The bodies of our fallen heroes that fell in Afghanistan were brought back to American soil yesterday in caskets. It is still horrifying that this took place and what makes it worse is that it should have never happened in the first place.

If Biden was at all a leader he would have not allowed this tragedy to befall our nation and also to show the entire world how weak we are under his so-called leadership.

At least Biden had the common courtesy to show up and receive them but instead of being plugged into

the somber moment, Biden appeared to be distracted and was checking his watch.

I am sorry, Joe did you have somewhere else to be? Was there an ice cream sundae waiting for you with your favorite sprinkles on top?

Of course, that is a huge story and there are memes all over social media showing Biden checking his watch.

However, there is another incident that occurred during that same time frame that no one is speaking about.

A woman suddenly had an emergency and she was carried away in a rush.

Now, the rumors of course are swirling and some are suggesting that the woman that was carried away was Kamala Harris.

Currently, there has not been any confirmation if this was true but it is a possibility. Also, it should be mentioned that it is the protocol for both the President and the Vice President to receive our fallen soldiers, so she should have been there.

If you watch the video, you also notice that there aren’t any other women in the crowd other than the woman being carried off.

Anyway, just watch for yourself and tell me what you think….here is the video on Rumble:

This is a developing story and we may know a lot more later today.

For now, what do you think?

Comment below.

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