• June 20, 2024

WATCH – Hillary ‘Concussion Interview’ Goes Viral…AND MAN, IS IT FRIGGIN’ WEIRD!

Yet another Hillary Clinton video has surfaced that her campaign surely does not want voters to see just hours away from the highly-touted presidential debate. The so-called “Concussion Interview” has once again ignited speculation about the health of the career politician.

Conan O’Brien’s video was done in jest, but it proves even liberals are willing and eager to mock Hillary Clinton.

The former First Lady’s bizarre eye movements could be indicative of Parkinson’s disease.

In multiple real videos, Hillary’s eyes can be seen going cross-eyed or going in opposite directions, one eye remaining stagnant while the other fluctuates drastically.

The Clinton campaign still claims everything is fine with Hillary—that she is the picture of health—but her actions and frequent disappearing act indicate otherwise.

The multiple concussions Hillary suffered may have caused permanent damage, but we will likely never know the truth.

The American people deserve to know about the health and fitness of both presidential candidates.

Donald Trump is like the Energizer bunny, hitting the campaign trail every single day and standing for hours on end speaking directly to the American people.

In sharp contrast, Hillary only “worked” a mere eight days last month, and she barely hosted or attended any events in September.

Do you think Hillary Clinton will be able to stand for 90 minutes on stage without any bathroom breaks as Donald Trump calls her out on her failed policies and lies?



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