• April 17, 2024

We were told Sasha couldn’t attend Barry’s last speech as Prez, because she was studying for a TEST! Turns out, she was doing what Obamas do best, wasting more tax dollars on a gangsta-style vacation!! (LEAKED PHOTOS)

During Obama’s Farewell Speech last week, America couldn’t help but notice there was one daughter, Sasha, who was missing from the event.

Trolls started a HILARIOUS hashtag where people theorized where Sasha could be as media outlets rush to the claim she had a ‘test’ the next morning. Well it looks like Sasha was doing everything but preparing for the test that afternoon. Look!

VIA| How much does a lavish beach vacation in beautiful Miami cost? Too much if you’re the one paying for it and NOT GOING!

That’s how much we all paid for Obama’s daughter, Sasha, to go on a taxpayer-funded trip to Miami.

Here’s the kicker, she was partying it up in the sunshine state and skipped her father’s last speech as President.


How nice of her. I suppose she’s just like Daddy, always thinking of himself and knows how to waste American taxpayer money.

Here’s her leaked photos in a skimpy bikini.


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