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It was earlier this month that several emails were released that revealed that Dr. Fauci had repeatedly lied to the American public while he had been telling a different story to the American public.

What was Fauci lying about? Well, the fact that most, if not all, of the COVID victims had some type of comorbidity.

Fauci lied about the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine when he knew full well that yes, it was indeed effective in treating the disease.

The best way to sum this up would be that Fauci not only lied about the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine but also the origins and his funding of the Wuhan laboratory.

Now, the United Kingdom is under fire for redacting some of their emails with Tony Fauci regarding the origins of the coronavirus.

Of course, they were obviously discussing the China lab, but they were protecting the megalomaniac Fauci. Thus, the Daily Mail reported:

The Government has been condemned after refusing to release details of key email conversations involving leading scientists over the origins of Covid-19.

This newspaper used Freedom of Information rules to obtain a cache of 32 emails about a secretive teleconference between British and American health officials held early in the pandemic.

But officials blacked out almost every word before releasing the crucial documents.

Before this discussion, several of the world’s most influential experts believed the new virus most likely came from a laboratory – but days later, the scientists began dismissing such scenarios as ‘implausible’ and branding their conspiracy theories.

The critical call is at the center of concerns that the scientific establishment tried to stifle debate on the pandemic’s origins, as damning new evidence emerges of US ties to high-risk research on bat viruses in Wuhan, where the first cases emerged in late 2019.

The Mail on Sunday requested emails, minutes, and notes on the call between Sir Patrick Vallance – Britain’s chief scientific adviser – and its organizers Sir Jeremy Farrar, director of the Wellcome Trust medical charity, and Anthony Fauci, the US infectious diseases expert and presidential adviser.

Yet when the documents were released they had page after page redacted with thick lines of black ink by Whitehall officials. Even the names of experts copied in on discussions were blocked – and exchanges as trivial as one Edinburgh biologist’s ‘thank you’ for being invited – leaving only a few basic details about the call visible.

There is no question that this is pathetic. Fauci lied to you, and the United Kingdom government aided him in covering it up.

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