• July 16, 2024

Why Did F-22 Pilots Suddenly Walk Off the Job?

Never in my lifetime did I think any of us would see fascism spread like wildfire in our country. Many of us learned in high school the dictators that rose to power and took control of nations, but we could not fathom how that happened. How did these people rise to power and then were so easily able to transform a nation into total control?

It seemed farfetched and impossible at the time, but today we are seeing just how it works firsthand, and it is terrifying.

People are begging to give over their freedom just for a small snippet of security. Our friends and family are willing to turn on those they are close to just to keep their lives comfortable, and how did this occur?


The government and mainstream media worked hand in hand to create such panic and fear over this virus that people are begging for a medical takeover.

Everything our brave men and women have sacrificed for in ensuring our freedom is now for nothing and that is just not alright with me or anyone else who respects our service members.

Joe Biden’s speech yesterday crossed the line for many people in our country and for all the right reasons, and now we are seeing people stand up to medical tyranny.

Upon hearing Dictator Biden’s mandate, 12 F-22 pilots immediately walked off the job.





Daily News Break shared this info:

Twenty-seven active-duty U.S. Air Force pilots have resigned their commissions over the unconstitutionality of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s mandate requiring all Armed Forces members to at once receive a Covid-19 vaccination, Real Raw News has learned.

The exodus began on August 27, with 12 pilots from the 1st Fighter Wing at Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Virginia, submitting to their commanding officer letters of resignation only hours after they received a 4:00 a.m. text message instructing them to submit to mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations by 10:00 a.m. that same day. It’s unknown whether the pilots collaborated ahead of resigning, but all 12 resignations were handed in within a 90-minute period.

One officer, a 29-year-old F-22 Raptor pilot, said of the situation, “We undergo routine physicals and must meet rigorous fitness standards to stay on flight duty. I think it’s safe to say all Air Force pilots are in good physical condition. We must be to endure extreme G-force stress on our body. There is no reason we should be at risk of Covid-19 or becoming sick from it. I know I’m not alone in rejecting this potentially dangerous and soundly untested shot.”

Pilots at other airbases apparently joined him in solidarity.

A day later, 15 pilots of the 2nd Bomb Wing in Barksdale, Louisiana tendered letters of resignation after they, too, received orders to get the jab. The orders stated explicitly that any officer refusing a Covid-19 vaccination would lose his flight status and be subject to disciplinary action, including a potential dishonorable discharge from the service.

A pilot with the 2nd Bomb Wing told RRN that he and his fellow pilots marched into their commanding officer’s office and dropped the resignation letters on his desk. He added that airmen and maintenance crews—enlisted persons who cannot simply resign from the service—are also furious about the mandatory vaccination requirement. Several of them, he told RRN, have sent hardship letters asking for early dismissal from the Air Force, mainly because they don’t have faith in a vaccine that has killed thousands of healthy people, military and civilians alike.

“This is only the beginning. A lot more of us will be turning in our wings,” he said.

The writing is on the wall.

We need to stand up and fight together or everything we are will be gone in the blink of an eye.

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