• June 19, 2024

Woke Hollywood Is Being Punished Severely Over The Holidays After….

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, Disney and Apple films performed poorly at the box office, capping another challenging week for Hollywood.

The summer box office performance of Barbie and Oppenheimer was high, but overall box office receipts for films released in theaters have not increased from pre-pandemic levels. Other elements that have harmed the media sector more broadly include the protracted SAG-AFTRA strike and the trend toward programming that has been labeled as “woke” or manipulative.

Disney’s “Wish,” which had an enormous $200 million budget, made $8.3 million on Wednesday, Variety reports, and is predicted to make about $37 million over the course of the next five days.

Napoleon, a film by Apple Original Productions that also came with an astounding $200 million production cost, brought in $7.7 million on Wednesday. Over the course of the five days, the Joaquin Phoenix-starring movie is anticipated to earn about $30 million.

On Rotten Tomatoes, “Napoleon” has a poor 62% favorability rating among critics and a 61% rating among viewers in general. Regarding “Wish,” the concept of the animated movie has drawn considerable criticism.

Daily Wire co-founder and editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro, for example, said the film’s central idea is a metaphor for God being “bad” until an “empowered female character” steps in to save everyone.

“It seems that the plot is, essentially, about how God is bad. So, what it is is a king [who] grants people’s wishes, but he has an apprentice … and this apprentice finds out that the king is only selectively granting people’s wishes, and is picking and choosing,” Shapiro recapped the movie’s preview.

“This is a terrible, terrible thing—she will grant everyone’s wishes!” he added sarcastically. “Which, you don’t have to go far afield to understand that what that kind of is is, ‘God is bad because he said no to you sometimes.’ So it would be better if there were an empowered female character to get up and make sure that all wishes be granted across the board.”

While Disney is notably having trouble with their “Snow White” adaptation starring Rachel Zegler, The Daily Wire revealed in October that its own live-action version of the Brothers Grimm story would soon be released. The actress has openly mocked the timeless tale, which has added to the once-iconic company’s already precipitous decline in favorability ratings.

The film from The Daily Wire, starring Brett Cooper, the popular YouTube host of “The Comments Section,” is scheduled for release in 2024. Disney, meanwhile, was forced to postpone the premiere of its adaptation by an additional year.

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