• June 17, 2024

YES! Chevy Just Rejected Wokeness In A New Commercial That Will Have You…

It appears that the world is more determined than ever to abolish the customs that united us as a people every Christmas.

However, one automaker has continually resisted this push, running advertisements that uplift us by highlighting the virtues and fortitude of the generations that came before us.

Over the past century, Chevrolet—one of the nation’s most enduring automakers—has forged an unbreakable bond with American history and culture. Established in 1911, the company has more than 110 years of history. The sight of Chevy Bel Airs, pickup trucks, and other vehicles evokes nostalgia for “the good old days” of industry and the freedom of the wide road. These vehicles have rolled across almost every small town and highway that has expanded alongside 20th-century America.

Chevy dresses itself in its past, in contrast to other companies that have embraced “wokeness” in their advertisements.

Chevy released a beloved ad in 2021 about a girl who helps her widowed father get over his grief over her passing by restoring her mother’s Chevy.

The commercial from 2022 starred a war widow who, in exchange for his assistance many years later in his newer model Chevy, helps out a young neighborhood kid and his pregnant wife in her Chevy.

The story of an elderly woman lost in the mists of Alzheimer’s is told in this year’s Christmas commercial. Her young granddaughter is concerned enough to give her one more Christmas by taking her on a trip down memory lane in her vintage Chevy Suburban.

They pass the home of the elderly woman, the high school where she met her spouse and the drive-in theater where they shared their first kiss while listening to John Denver’s “Sunshine on My Shoulders” on the vintage eight-track player. The elderly woman gradually comes to and finds her way back to reality, where her husband and family are waiting for her.

The sentiments expressed by viewers on Chevy’s YouTube channel demonstrate how much this video resonated with them—not just for nostalgic reasons, but also for the genuine grief that comes with losing a parent or grandparent or witnessing someone succumb to the devastation of Alzheimer’s or dementia.

“A couple of days ago I held my Grandmother’s hand as she passed away. We are both huge John Denver fans and this is my favorite song of his. I played this song for her as I held her. This felt like such a clear sign, it feels like a warm [hug] and I am crying bittersweet tears,” one YouTube comment read.

“I haven’t sobbed like that since my mom passed away 3.5 years ago. She loved John Denver. This may be advertisement/marketing, but superbly done. So many families are living in this reality, and cherish the days where their loved ones are ‘there,” another comment said.

Alzheimer’s disease was also subtly included in the plot of this year’s Christmas advertisement. With over 6 million people affected by the disease nationally, Alzheimer’s is having an increasing impact on American families. The automaker’s choice reflects this reality, which many Americans can identify with.

“My mom passed away three years ago after living with Alzheimer’s for 13 years. A very real and emotional commercial. People living with Alzheimer’s are still alive and do have good days and bad, but we need to still treat each one like the granddaughter did. There are memories still inside and when we take time to be with them and share those memories, good days come out. Thank you, Chevrolet. I need some Kleenex!” one YouTube commenter wrote.

Chevrolet demonstrated its dedication to being a reliable partner on the road ahead, no matter how unclear, by deftly addressing Alzheimer’s disease in its narrative.

However, the endearing ad also served as a reminder that, like God’s grace and mercy, love and family never die.

If we live the journey well, we leave a legacy of love and memories for the people we leave behind, even though our existence is fleeting and passes by quickly.


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