• July 16, 2024

Ted Cruz FINALLY Responds To Affair Allegations!

GOP hopeful Ted Cruz on Monday responded to a recent National Enquirer report alleging he has had several extramarital affairs, telling Fox News’ Megyn Kelly that he has “always been faithful” to wife Heidi Cruz.

At a town hall in Madison, Wisconsin, moderator Kelly asked Cruz if he has ever committed adultery.

“I have not,” the Texas senator replied. “That attack was complete and utter garbage. It was complete lies. And it came from Donald Trump and his henchmen. Those reports, they’re not a little bit true, not slightly true.”

Although Trump previously denied any involvement in the National Enquirerreport published in late March, Cruz maintains that the billionaire businessman is to blame, adding on Monday that the Trump campaign has been circulating the report.

“It’s completely made-up nonsense. It’s simply not true,” Cruz said of the article. “I have always been faithful to my wife. I love my wife. She’s my best friend in the world. This is the kind of garbage the Trump campaign engages in. You know why? Because they can’t debate substance.”

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